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Window tinting finder is the best place to find the closest car tint shop near you. We are aware of car window tint laws in each state, that is why we recommend auto tinting shops by state and city. So, If you are searching for ” Auto window tinting near me ” you are in the right place.

Auto Window Tint

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What is a Car Window Tinting?

Window tinting is applying a transparent film over the safety glass of your cars to reduce the amount of light that comes in. Car tint films comes in different shades and some states have laws that limits the tint shade you can use on your vehicle window.

Cost of Auto Window Tint

The Price of auto window tint can vary depending on the material used and most especially the kind of vehicle. The price for all window s on a sedan would be less that that of a full size SUV. Also going to a dealership is usually more expensive. You can choose to tint only the front side safety glass (driver and passenger) or a visor strip at the top of the windshield. You can also ask for a variation of shades between the front and back windows. Depending on your combination, your price may vary.

  • 1 driver / passenger window $30.00 – $50.00
  • 2 driver / passenger window $60.00 – $85.00
  • 4 door sedan – $190.00
  • 2 door coupe – $170.00
  • Pickup trucks 3 – 5 windows $150.00 – $180.00
  • Small SUV and wagon $200.00 – $230.00
  • Full size SUV $250.00 – up
  • Front/rear windshield $100.00 – up
  • Visor strip – $45.00

Window Tint Removal

If the job is small, usually redoing just one window tint. They would take the old one off for free or $5.00. You get charged if you are just removing the tint from one or all windows.

  • 1 window – $15.00
  • 4 windows sedan – $80.00
  • Rear Wind shield – $50.00 -up

Vehicle Safety glass Tint Laws

State window tint laws

Every tint shop should follow the guidelines of their state. Make sure to ask the person doing your tint if your preference follows the state guidelines.

Home window tinting – ALL you need to know

Have you been receiving too much sunlight in your house? Do you want cool environment in your house? In this circumstance, you must go for the home window tinting. It certainly protects the house from direct sun exposure. Due to interaction with the UV radiation, house interior becomes quite hot. Damage and fading effect can be noticed in the curtain too. If you like to solve the issue then you must install tint on the windows. Privacy of the house can be maintained through the process too.


Window tinting can be compared with the sunglass that has been used for house. Previously, colored films have been used as the tint. It has been used basically for blocking sunlight. Prying eyes can be kept at the bay also. For both car and homes, it can be utilized. However, technology has been advanced over the years. Now-a-days, tinted windows can be seen that cannot be detected easily at all.

On most occasions, window tints are window films. Sheets of treated material are generally used for the purpose of tinting. The material can be placed over the window quite easily. Professional applies the tint over the window very carefully. In this way, presence of bubbles may not be noticed. Peeling of the sheet may not be encountered at the same time.

Films for window tinting can be divided in following types.

  • Reduced glare tinted films
  • Reflective films for keeping the heat away
  • Front window tint that helps to keep away the prying eyes
  • Films with UV protection that is either clear or tinted
  • Films for decorative window can be found in different colors and styles
  • Insulation performance can be increased through films with low emissivity
  • Films for security reasons that comes with shatter resistance

Benefits of tinting

Lots of tinting benefits can be seen. By absorbing the heat, tint helps to keep the house cool. Privacy level of the house can be enhanced certainly. Insulation can be done quite naturally. Cost of air conditioning can be decreased to some extent. UV rays can be filtered. So, the artwork and furnishing items in the house can be kept safe easily. Glare can be reduced certainly. Glass can be strengthened by using the tinting films also.

Cost of window tint for home per square

Based on multiple factors, cost of the home window tint is generally decided. Type, size and number of the window tinting films play an important role on deciding the cost. The location must be accessed properly if you are living in a multi-storied building. If the old tint has to be removed then price of the project can be increased to some extent.

Pre-cut rolls can be purchased from the market for window tinting purpose. However, poor results can be noticed on the occasion. Discussion with the professional is required before installation of the window tint. Best films for the house must be chosen in order to ensure a smooth finish.

For per square meter, requirement of $50 to $ 60 may be observed. Labor cost for the installation can be about $ 15.