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Whether you drive a flashy red car or live in Cook county Chicago, nothing draws the attention of the cops towards your car more than your tinted windows. The first thing a cop tends to notice in your car is the window tints. No one ever “wishful thinking” dreams of being pulled over or stopped by police officers, then given a moving violation ticket or a repair order. Therefore, they follow the specific tint rules and regulations in their states. Since they are obeying the tinting law and have the legal amount of window tint for their car, they think they can not get pulled over by cops. Unfortunately, the problem is that cops can still pull them over.

Why do the cops pull you over for window tint?

Remember, a cop is unaware whether you did something wrong or not. All he can do is to assume that you did something or better yet be suspicious. Now, when you are choosing the tinted window installation for your car, you may invite the negative attention of the cops towards you and your car. Even tinted windows put the cops on high alert.  Since they are unable to see inside the car, they assume the cars with darkened windows are dangerous. This is the reason behind the possibility that they can pull you over since your car looks “suspicious”.


Moreover, some safety glass films can make obstacles harder to see at night. If your vehicle has original films installed from the factory, there are  still chances you may get a tickets from law enforcement officers. Sometimes, cops are under pressure to fulfill their ticket quotas. It will be your bad luck indeed if you are stopped by a cop who is required to meet a specific quota of moving violations. Here you must remember that you may receive tickets from the cop for each of the illegal window tint you have. This means, you have the possibility to get four tickets at a time only because you are caught by the wrong cop at the wrong time.


East St. Louis, IL ranks number one in USA in 2016’s “Top 30 murder capitals of America.”  This raise suspicion when officers can not see the occupants of a vehicle. Note: You have every right to tint your vehicle in compliance to the laws in your state.

Crime Rate

This article is just to address why automobiles with dark shades might get pulled over. My argument is it’s not the car or the people, it is the place. There are beautiful places in Chicago with beautiful people. President Obama lived in Chicago before moving to the white house. A president from Hawaii by the way of  Chicago proves my point. Every state has areas where they have a high crime rate. The more sever the crime the higher the suspicion. A little petty theft in your city should not get the cops hot and bothered about who is behind a wheel, even at night. But earn the number 1 spot  2 years in a row as murder capital USA, you get my point.

What to do when you get pulled over by cops?

If you even get pulled over by the cops for the allegation of darker window tints for your car, you need to ensure that all the windows are rolled down and keep your hands on your steering wheel until the cop comes up to you. At first, you should expect to get some lecture from the cop for having dark window films. Then make sure the cop uses a window tint meter just like the one in the picture above. It is placed on your vehicle’s window to automatically read the % of visible light Transmission VLT.

Remember, roll your car windows down when pulled over. The cop would be more comfort. If required, you may have to show your driving license. In case, you get a ticket or “repair order” for the tinted window, it is better not to argue with the cops since anything harsh you say during the stop may hurt your case in the court. You can easily find a reputable person by searching on this site for window tinting Chicago.

Before you consider a car window tinting Chicago installation. It is essential to know the local laws of tinting in your state. You can search our blog or the internet to know the legal tint limit in Chicago rather than depending on the car detailers words.