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Case Study window tinting Edmond 

We are looking at car window tinting Edmond Ok as a case study for opening a store in an average size town. Edmond can be considered a large town. It has a population of less than 100k has I write. A cities population on average is between 100k -300k according to Wikipedia settlement hierarchy.

window tinting Edmond Oklahoma


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Address: 603 Evergreen St, Edmond, OK 73003.


Location plays a big role in determining the amount of customers your company would get. After deciding what products and services you want to offer. An area of moderate to high volume traffic is next. Here is a break down of the best areas to open up shop.

Closer to a Bigger City

If your town is located in or close to a bigger city. You have a great advantage of gaining more customers from out of town if you market your business better than your competition. Edmond is part of Oklahoma city metropolitan area. A window tinting Edmond store should have advertisement in the Oklahoma city are.

Surrounded my small towns

  • Residents of smaller towns may frequent a bigger one to get daily essentials. Stores, pharmacies prefer a fairly bigger store. The town becomes a hub which is good for you.

Close to the interstate exit

First of all, a town that is close to a high volume interstate exit tends attracts a lot of traffic. Make sure you are aware of any future highway modifications. An exit that has been in existence for years tend to do better.

This is usually the best bet for a town located in the middle no where, Interstate traffic is your best bet. Also, offering other services or selling other products increases your income. Examples are: Vehicle detailing, tire air pressure service, air fresheners and stickers .