Essential Tools for Auto Tinting

Automobile Window Tinting Tools


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Car window tinting is a great option to keep the inside of your car cooler during the summer days, protect the interior and upholstery and add valuation from the aesthetic point of view. Therefore, more and more car owners are opting for car window tint options. The great thing about the auto tinting service is that it only needs few weeks to learn the technique and provide the tinting job with perfection. If you have the right kind of tools for auto tinting, you do perform a tinting job for your car just like a professional.

There are numerous options available in the market for car window tinting tools. Before you purchase a kit, it is essential to know different tools required for this job so whether you purchase separately or in a kit, you can verify them properly.

Tools Required for Auto Tinting

For performing the installation of window tint film, the first and foremost thing you need is the tint film. It is always advisable to invest on a high quality window film. However, without the right kind of tools, you can never perform a quality installation for your car window tint. It is better to go for a set kit of useful car window film tools comprising with the essential squeegees. Along with that, you must need a scrapper blade, a razor knife and a window tint film application solution to perform the task properly.

When you are going to purchase tools for auto window tinting kit, it is better to go with those kits that contain –

  1. Side squeegee
  2. Corner squeegee
  3. Contour squeegee
  4. Conqueror squeegee

Now, let’s keep an eye on how these tools are used for the car window tinting job –

  • Side Squeegee


It is suitable to use for all types of ting films including solar films, wrap films, paint protection films and even with decals. It is a popular tool for the window tinting industry. Its specific shape makes the users easier to hold it comfortably. And the squeegee blade helps in laying down the film in those areas that are hard to reach.

  • Corner Squeegee


With the plastic made flex firm triangular design along with its flat edges, the corner squeegee is capable of reach to the edges effectively. Even it can reach to the tight spots like the pot windows of the rear doors of a sedan. It can even work better as a bare squeegee to remove air bubble perfectly from the mid of film including those tight areas.

  • Contour squeegee


This tool is quite effective to scrape off the bubbles downright inside the film and thus it helps to prevent the car body as well as film. In fact, for performing a scratch less and mark free tinting jobs these tools are inevitable.

  • Conqueror squeegee


It is another must-have window film tool that is quite popular among the automotive window tint film installer. After applying the solution, this tool is used to remove that application from the side windows and since it has a pointed tip, it can effectively clear out the water from the tight corners.