How to Advertise Your Window Tint Business

How to Advertise A Window Tint Business


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Undoubtedly, window tinting business this days is very lucrative since this business ensures a large profit margin for the business owners. All you need to apply some hard work, diligence, dexterity and overall, effective self-promotion strategy to get the profitable result. Marketing and advertising are the vital part for window tint business as all your profit margin depends on the number of customers choosing your services. Here, advertising does not mean you have to invest a big budget for it. Illustrating the right advertising strategy, timely application of them, following the current business marketing trends and using them effectively are the keys for advertising successfully for your window tint business.

• Start off As a Side Business
There is no better option for advertising a window tint business when you are already associated with any automobile business. You may come across many auto glass business owners or car accessories companies who added the auto window tint installation part later with their existing business. By doing this, they could use the reputation of their existing business effectively. People, who are coming for a car windshield replacement, often consider to give a makeover of their vehicle with window tint installation. Therefore, starting a window tint business with the existing business relevant to automobile is the good way of getting a strong platform for your new business.

• Word of Mouth Advertisement
Word of mouth advertisement is an effective way to find customers. at the initial stage, you should spread the news of your newly started business among your friends and family through word-of-mouth advertising strategy. In fact, it is also a powerful medium for advertising the goodwill of your business when you are working in this field for a longer time. You can also request your existing and satisfied customers to tell their friends and acquaintances with a bit of marketing.

• Advertising through Weekly Newspaper
Without fixing a big budget, you do can start an effective advertisement campaign. Only you need to be consistent and persistent. Try to use the platform of neighborhood weekly newspapers that are often distributed in the racks of supermarkets. Putting your ads before the prospective customers you can promote your business.

• Create Discount Coupons
For promoting your automotive window tint business, you can draw the attention of people by creating discount coupons and offering them through different auto parts stores by paying them few dollars.

• Create Your Online Identity
You can develop a business website with the help of website designing and developing company and include effective information, blogs and other things to advertise for your tinting business.

• Consult with a Good Advertising Writer
You can also take help of a good adverting writer who can create an effective slogan and positioning statement for the window tinting business. There should be some catchy and unique lines in the advertisement that can draw the attention of the viewers. Now, you can create banners and hoardings printing those advertisements and place them in some good position in your locality and the highway so that the passersby can notice them.

• Get Social
You cannot ignore the power of social media when it comes about advertising for your window tint business. The viral feature and sharing your status update can be effective ways for marketing your business through social media. You can also create fan page and engage the satisfied customers by requesting them to write reviews and comments. Moreover, adding pictures, making videos on the skills of your tint installation and adding testimonials are also helpful.