How to start a Mobile Vehicle windshield repair business

Mobile Vehicle Windshield repair business

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There are several reasons why a windshield may break or chip. Sudden changes in the temperature, burglary or loot can result in the windshield breaking. The extent of the damage is to be ascertained, and then a fix is chosen. Insurance providers often provide for the cost of a repair. The repair specialist determines if it involves a repair or replacement. Some cases may benefit from a well-done repair whereas others may have to go for a replacement. Driving around with a broken windshield isn’t an option not just for aesthetic reasons but also for one’s safety.
Areas that are full of vehicles and often see an incident or two of broken and damaged cars can do with a windshield repair service. Self-taught repair specialists can make use of this as a business opportunity. Starting a repair facility requires no formal education and very minimal capital investment. This should make it easy for those looking to start out on their own. Those inclined to do something on their own either for a regular income or to supplement their original income will find mobile windshield repair business a good option.
Here’s a template to help you start off.
1. What kind of vehicle windshield service do you want to offer? What do you envision the size of your business to be? Will you do either repair or replacement or both? While improving your skill on one is more important, to keep the business afloat knowing both may be helpful. Yours is going to be a mobile repair shop, so setting up office space may not be necessary which could be a saving. But you may consider the fact that in future your business will expand, and you may require the office to conduct other administrative activities.
2. Write a business plan – a Mobile Vehicle windshield repair business needs a plan. A directed effort and guidance that is what a business plan provides. Goals are better tracked and traced with a business plan. Create one and use that.
3. Obtain licenses and permits – There is paperwork involved in starting a business. Contact the local administrator to find out what licenses and permits are required for your area and do the needful to complete the paperwork.  Also contact the local internal revenue service for an employer identification number. This number is required when filing business tax returns. Plus you will need to purchase insurance to protect the equipment and property from damage or lawsuits.
4. Purchase the mobile van and other equipment needed – The first thing you will need is a mobile van since yours is a mobile business. Calculate the cost and purchase materials as necessary. Procure windshields online and to save money speak to salvage yards that sell intact windshields from accidents.
5. Market the company – Depending on how much budget you can allocate to this aspect, you will be able to advertise your repair services to the area of your business. This is equally important and shouldn’t be ignored.